Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Jessica Kirkland of Kirkland Media Management

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 11.38.55 PM.pngJessica Kirkland, a literary agent and entrepreneur, is the owner and primary agent with Kirkland Media Management, LLC., a Texas-based boutique agency that specializes in publishing & film contracts in the inspirational market.

Jessica possesses a unique skill set as an agent, which includes a strong command of sales, marketing, and creative development. She loves discovering new talent and identifying stories that have the capacity to change the world. Her outside-the-box thinking and keen business sense have allowed her to excel in the publishing industry and emerge as a champion for traditional and hybrid authors. With her eye always on the big picture, Jessica represents fiction and non-fiction clients who continue to thrive in an ever-changing publishing environment.

Jessica graduated with honors from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Marketing. She is a popular conference speaker where she teaches on publishing trends, marketing, blogging, and the writer’s journey. She has been an agent for five years, and was named Agent of the Year in 2016 by American Christian Fiction Writers.

Jessica is looking for strong stories that encourage, equip, challenge, and change.

Fiction interests:

Romance (Christian market, ABA/Sweet Romance, or crossover)
Historical and/or Historical Romance
Suspense, Thriller, and Crime Fiction
Speculative fiction
Literary fiction
Contemporary Romance
Women’s fiction

Nonfiction interests:

Narrative non-fiction
Special interest topics: parenting, pet memoirs, humor, motherhood, health, cooking, politics, cultural issues, prophecy, current events

Note: I do not represent children’s, short stories, or poetry.

Tip: 95% of the author’s I represent were signed after they pitched to me in person at a writer’s conference or as a result of a referral from an existing client. Although I review email queries, face-to-face pitches get faster responses as do recommendations from current clients.


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